Dr. Malidoma Patrice Some'
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Dr. Malidoma Some' (left) with Rev. Wesley Gray and wife, Rev. Dr. Dora Gray

Photo taken following Malidoma's lecture "Initiating Change" at Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus.  2007

Wesley, also known as Baba Jehuti, emphasizes the importance of the inclusion of  African drumming at every community event.

Dr. Some' an initiated Elder and shaman -or high priest -from the West African country of Burkuna Faso,  expounded on the significance of "Initiating Change" 

The discussion revealed that ancestral wisdom is a major conduit for personnel and global transformation.  At the end of the lecture, Dr. Some' facilitated audience participation with a clearing ritual designed to manifest change. 

Educated in the West, Dr. Some holds three masters and two Ph.Ds. and is the author of four books , including  his autobiography: "Of Water and The Spirit". and" The Healing Wisdom of Africa".

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In my recent trip to Dano, in Burkina Faso, west Africa, I had a meeting with the High Commissioner. He urged me to consider taking over the leadership in the safeguarding and promotion of ancestral traditions in the county. He explained that in the past, UNESCO, a division of the United Nation was co-sponsoring this government program. Suddenly this year, they both dropped any support and the ministry of culture told Dano that it is on its own in this matter. The High Commissioner then sent a word out to Dagara people in high positions in the city for help. No one responded. Upon learning through the grapevine of what I have been doing in the West he decided that I was the best suited for this issue.

The Dagara Cultural Festival is an attempt to interest youth in the values of the traditions of their ancestors so that they can preserve it in themselves amid the sweeping changes of modernity. UNESCO had shown interest in it for reasons of its own and then dropped out when these interests dried up. 

I do not need to make a case of how important this is to me, personally, to the Dagara people in the County of IOBA, and to everyone who has been moved by the values of Dagara culture in the West. This is an opportunity of a lifetime in which I feel that with the sanction and support of the country's authority, I can finally manifest some of the dreams of bringing the values of the ancestors to the soil of its birth. We cannot let this opportunity pass. We are being invited to step up to the plate and show the extent of our appreciation of the wisdom that is now an endangered species in its place of birth. 

The plan is to raise $15K or more in the next few months for this weeklong event which will happen on February 25 - 27 of 2010.  Your tax deductible contribution can be sent directly to Aviela Inc., c/o Robert Walker, P.O. 82, Cherry Plain, NY 12040. Next, we will want as many people as can make it to prepare to be physically there to partake in this event so that the population of all the 37 villages of the area can see how your effort acknowledges the importance of this crucial moment. 

This is a call to rise for it is now our time to shine.


Malidoma Somé
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c/o Robert D. Walker, Treasurer
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"There is no doubt that, at this time in history, Western civilization is suffering from a great sickness of the soul.  The West's progressive turning away from functioning spiritual values; its total disregard for the environment and the protection of natural resources; the violence of inner cities with their problems of poverty, drugs, and crime; spiraling unemployment and economic disarray; and growing intolerance toward people of color and the values of other cultures---all of these trends, if unchecked, will eventually bring about a terrible self-destruction.  In the face of all this global chaos, the only possible hope is self-transformation.  Unless we as individuals find new ways of understanding between people, ways that can touch and transform the heart and soul deeply, both indigenous cultures and those in the West will continue to fade away, dismayed that all the wonders of technology, all the many philosophical 'isms,' and all the planning of the global corporations will be helpless to reverse this trend."
p. 1  Of Water and the Spirit - To purchase, please click on the book store link of this web site.

As a house quest at Rev. Wesley and Dora Gray's home, Dr. Malidoma Some' , introduced the Grays to the African Yam, along with the diet and health customs of his community, the Dagara people of Burkiina Faso, West Africa.