Drums of Change Drums of Spirit, was created to foster global healing on all levels of existence which encompass mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
Our focus is to foster respect for all religions and principles that honor marriage, family, children, elders and our ancestors, to encourage the elimination of vulgarity and lower self interaction with each other and to create leadership within ourselves that promote service to each other with the highest of integrity.
The vehicle used is the Drum.  We recognize the healing power and energy of the Drum whether it is an African Djembe,Trap Set,Native American Tom Tom,Congas, Steel Pans, Japanese Wadaiko, Indian Tablas etc .
We recognize that no matter what spiritual or cultural orientation one subscribes to, drumming can provide healing resulting from a combination of rhythmic vibrations, along with contemplation of Deity or source and essence of the most high.
Baba Wesley Gray 
Founder and CEO  of Drums of Change Drums of Spirit
Bottom Photo:
Baba Wesley Gray and fellow African Drummers at the Wall Street African Burial Grounds  Reinternment Ceremony: October 3, 2003
Photo taken by worldwide renowned New  York Times Photojournalist , Chester Higgins

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This page was last updated: July 14, 2022

Mission Statement
The following is a video featuring the worldwide hit tune "Connections". Baba Wesley Gray plays percussion on video, Baba Don is the conga player that is heard on video. Baba Wesley Gray assisted Tyrone Jefferson in the production of this video and CD. Tyrone was music director for the late God Father of Soul, James Brown.for two years.  Along with the outstanding performance of Grammy award nominee, Carla Cook, the CD also features the "Grandfathers of the spoken word" Dr. Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets and renowned playwright and former poet laureate of New Jersey, Amiri Baraka. 
                               In the words of Dr. Martin Luthjer King

                  "Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve"

"An indvidual has not started living until he/she can rise above the narrow confines
      of his/her individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity".
Video of grassroots trip to President Obama's inauguration, featuring Baba Wesley Gray playing African rhythms. He may have been the only African American drummer who played was recorded live and on location before and after the historic event.